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    Alice – New to Sex lines!

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    I’m new to sex lines, but I’m no stranger when it comes to pleasing a man. Come down the rabbit-hole with me and let’s explore your deepest desires. It doesn’t matter who you are by day – when you talk to me you instantly drop all your responsibilities and enter our fantasy world. Will I be your girlfriend? Your maid? A baby-sitter or teacher? Or perhaps something a little more… unconventional? I love to play and act, and exploring your fantasy is my greatest desire. Is there someone in your life who you want but can’t have? Tell me all about them and I can play that part. I can be your friend, a colleague, a celebrity, or even a fictional character – that’s the beauty of sex lines! I get off by stepping out of my own skin and becoming somebody else – somebody that belongs to you. Let me be your perfect woman. Hearing all about what you want and knowing that I can make you hard makes my body shudder with pleasure. I know what I want, and I want you. All I need now is to know what you want and we can become the perfect pair. Your enthusiasm and arousal sends me right over the edge. Use me, please. I want it. I need it. I was made for it.

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