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    Amber – Legal at Last

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    Do you like it when I call you ‘Sir’? I can’t come unless you tell me how, please teach me how to fuck myself. I crave your approval, and I will do anything to make you happy. I try my hardest,i’m legal at last, but I’m inexperienced and I need a firm hand. Sometimes punishment is the only way to teach me a lesson because I’m a slow learner. I have a whole range of things here to make sure I’m doing what I’m told – some for when I’m naughty, some for when I’m nice. I want to surrender myself to you. Teach me how to please you and I’ll be your loyal cum slut for life. I want you to use me up and spit me out and leave me messy on the floor. My thighs are sticky and I can feel myself throbbing, but I can’t fuck myself until you say I can. Please sir, call me and tell me I can come. I’m aching for you.

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