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    Hot Cougar Amy

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    I am fair skinned with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes and 55 years old. Just on 168cm tall – a curvy size 16 with firm large breasts and a well-shaped rounded bottom. I suppose you could call me a cougar! As one of three children I grew up in the suburbs, married at 23 and had 2 kids, boy and a girl, now in their late twenties. Amicably divorced, I enjoy the freedom of having my own place which I share with a dog and cat.

    I have always worked in offices mainly doing reception work which I love because I enjoys talking to people. In my spare time I like reading, gardening, walking the dog, dancing and eating out. I like my men to have a good sense of humour and be adventurous in the bedroom.

    A while ago I was renting a beach house as suddenly the son of the owner and a couple of his mates, all mid-twenties, turn up to stay in the beach house, thinking the place was empty. I let them stay as long as they promise not to make too much noise or mess.

    The weather is very hot, we are all in holiday mode and become friendly and as there is only one bathroom, which doesn’t have a lock on the door, we inevitably walk in on one another and grab an eyeful. Obviously liking what we’ve been seeing one thing leads to another and the horseplay begins. Soon they can’t keep their hands off me stroking my hair, shoulders, breasts, hips whenever they can, making me smile and thinking that the old cougar can still do it!

    I love the attention and am eager to touch them too, to reach into their shorts and fondle and suck their cocks. None of us went out very much for the last few days of my holiday. We spent our time indoors mainly unclothed and entwined, exploring the sexual possibilities of 3 men and 1 woman.

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    1. johnnyc says:

      If u guys want a good time then call 

    2. showmeyourbagder says:

      Hi there what ar you up to my name is gav love to chat how about it im male and in my 30s

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