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    Eager Beaver – Lottie!

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    I was born in ’97 in Melbourne, and have just moved for Uni. I’m studying filmmaking and play Roller Derby- Lot to Trot is my skating name. I have long-ish red hair, green eyes and am a teeny tiny 155cm tall! People often mistake me for a kid because of how short I am…luckily I have a C-cup chest which helps my cause, and I have a bit of a potty mouth…so they work it out soon enough! I’m new to this city and would love some more friends. I’m keen to try new things and experiment. I want someone to show me new things and teach me. This is my first time out on my own…I wanna be reckless and stupid- I love to fuck! I want to be crazy about it! I haven’t had sex in public before…can we? I’ve never been with a girl before…and there’s so many beautiful girls on my team I think about when I touch myself…I want to try things I’ve never done before…wanna help an eager beaver?

    Ethnicity: Australian
    Age: 18
    Body Type: Short and athletic
    Eye Colour: Green
    Hair Colour: Red
    Hair Length: Long
    Bust: B Cup
    Skin Colour: Pale
    Style: Sexy and sporty: leggings, mini shorts, singlets, crop tops
    Fantasy: A three-way with a gorgeous older couple…I’ve never been with another girl before, and I think I’d like it. Maybe they watched me play a game and just had to have me…

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