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    Edith the dirty granny

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    Hello dear, my name is Edith. I’m 5”5 in height, brown/grey hair, cuddly curvy body with a large DD bust, and i’m in my late 60’s. I may be mature (and i don’t mind if you call me a dirty granny) but i’m still very active; mentally, physically and especially sexually. I have many friends and go out for walks often and i enjoy surfing the internet for various things to keep me entertained. Yes i do enjoy watching pornographic videos, especially those with good close ups, they make me want to lick my screen.. I’ve been ‘around the block’ quite a few times and have experienced many pleasures in my life and still do get up to very erotic things with friends and strangers. See? This dirty granny likes men and women of all ages, both experienced and amateur, of any shape and size, as long as you have a pulse and a lust for pleasure with no inhibitions.I guess you may describe me as a ‘dirty old granny’ and quite frankly, i am!! And i have no problems with admitting that i love sex and will take any opportunity i can to please others and please myself, even out in public.Could you perhaps imagine me as the lady who lives next door, perving at you through my window? Perhaps if you show interest i will pull the curtain accross and flash something at you. What would you like to see? My big soft breasts or my juicy hairy pussy… know i want to show you..I get so horny when i’m home alone. Lets chat and get ourselves off while we talk about our naughty fantasies and dirty secrets…..

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    1. Geoff says:

      Edith does not exist, you always get the other money grabber Stella. Save your money.

    2. Brazalover says:

      edith hasthe best cameltoe ever look!

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