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    Jenna – Mistress Librarian!

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    Hi, I’m Jenna, I’m 21 and I have long blonde hair. By day I’m a librarian. I’m quite shy and dress conservatively in stockings and a blouse most days. By night I let my hair down and live my ultimate fantasy. Leather is my choice of attire, as well as what I use on naughty boys like you – let’s just say that I will become the ruler of your world! You will call me Mistress.

    If you are after someone who knows how to use toys, your have come the right place. Strap-ons, duo balls, remote controlled vibrators, you name it – I have quite the collection. As my sub you must obey all of my commands. Ever been in public with a remote controlled vibrator on? That’s my favourite thing to do to my subs. I love seeing you squirm uncontrollably in ecstasy as strangers look on in shock. But it isn’t all about me, I do enjoy pleasuring my subs – I’m quite a giving Mistress. If you do as I say and be a good boy I will reward you with a surprise. I have two very willing and able bitches who will take care of you. Imagine being bathed and oiled by two busty brunettes who will slide their gorgeous bodies over yours and attend to your desires.

    Ooh la la, I’m just getting started Mr, come on in! 😉

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    1. Ali jan says:

      Come give me ur number

    2. freddie.henari says:

      jenna I just cant help myself to go to bed without you.please help me arose…

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