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    Lilah’s Chatline

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    Hello, my name is Lilah. I’m average height with long blonde hair and pale complexion. I’m quite slim, with little hands and feet! I’m a little self-conscious, but people tell me they’re cute. I have freckles across my nose and always have pink fingernails. I wear a lot of silver jewellery, including toe-rings and ankle bracelets. When I do wear underwear, it has to be lace or silk- I like to feel pretty!

    My parents are from Ireland, and I have a slight accent sometimes…the girls in my dorm make fun of me for it. Right now, there’s 6 of us in the one house…can you imagine? I live in first-year student housing in an all-girl dorm. I’ve never lived away from home before, but everyone is 19-20 years old so we became friends fast! Pillow fights do happen by the way…not a myth!

    I work part-time at my Uni’s library as an administration/research assistant. Some things about librarians are true, some aren’t. I’m a little shy; but just like a book all you need to do is open me up! Once you get me talking, I’m a lot of fun. You’ll find me bending over, cataloguing books in the far stacks of the library. It gets awfully boring and I’d welcome a distraction… I’m looking for a man! C’mon let’s give this chatline thing a go!

    Ethnicity: Australian
    Age: 19
    Body Type: Slim, 160cm tall
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Hair Length: Long
    Bust: C Cup
    Skin Colour: Caucasian
    Style: Pastel colours, summer dresses, minimal make-up, silver jewellery
    Fantasy: Someone tall and handsome finding me in the stacks. I’ll be bending over, putting a book away on a low shelf in the restricted area, where no one will disturb us. No talking, no awkwardness- they’ll just slip in and fuck me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my underwear off.

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