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    Stella – sexy older woman

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    STELLA is my name… Im a sexy older woman, actually, I’m an older bolder woman! I’m 59 years, with big womanly  saggy baggy tits with very sensitive nipples. Im unshaven with a full natural bush down there… just needing you to fondle and lick me all over.

    Anything goes with me as im very experienced and have tried everything there is sexually… Being a older lady, 59 years,I’m very experienced sexually and have no inhibitions whats so ever! I love to get with young toyboys and also older gents too who can bring out my wildside in this ravenous old tart that i am. Nothing is taboo as i find ive been there done that to probably everything!!

    I love to give guys a run down step by step guide to how i would give them a most satisfying blow-job and also love the favour returned and get to feel their wet tongue sliding all around in my loose older pussy and feeling your fingers in my bush!

    Come and get me dripping with my sweet tasting juices. I also love anal sex and to feel your hot cock  sliding in and out of my hot sexy arse just sounds like pure exotic bliss. I can satisfy all your sexual needs and love you to talk hot and dirty to me and let me feel your throbbing cock and full balls… come play with me… 3132 is my pin number..

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    1. Ali jan says:

      Call me

    2. Andrew says:

      Hello Miss, your the best teacher ever 🙂

    3. voltar says:

      Pics should show all that natural loveliness, “specially if its moist

    4. mick says:

      would love to do a mum and son fantasy. catch me masterbating

    5. Woodhaus says:


    6. Wilber says:

      Man, crazy shiz, you look like my mum!

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